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The world of Grey’s Anatomy is about to be rocked again in May’s ninth season finale, but not by a mass shooting, plane crash, bus crash or ferry crash. 

What’s to come for the doctors? Grey’s Anatomy spoilers below …

This time it’s a weather-related disaster waiting to strike!

Explosion on Grey's Anatomy

A natural disaster, a la Superstorm Sandy, will begin building in the penultimate episode of the ABC medical drama, “Readiness Is All,” on May 9.

The May 16 season finale’s title: “Perfect Storm.”

Sort of sums it up right there, doesn’t it?


The superstorm will “cause the staff to go into crisis mode” and be “very intense” with a lot of “major” things changing for the core characters.

Creator Shonda Rhimes says the writing staff made some “very bold [and] shocking decisions” for this arc after “very intense discussions.”

“I warned you so you could brace yourself. Hug a friend.”

How do you see it playing out for Mer, Der & Co.?