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Over the last few weeks, Beyonce has faced a bit of controversy.

First in regard to the single “Bow Down.” And then for taking a trip to Cuba in celebration of her five-year wedding anniversary.

But there’s nothing controversial about a new set of Beyonce bikini photos that H&M has released as part of a new ad campaign: They’re hot! Case closed!

Beyonce Premiere Pic

The 32-year old superstar is the face (and body!) of a tropical-themed swimsuit line from H&M, flaunting her physique to the world in a series of colorful photos.

And giving back in the process:

25 percent of proceeds from the collection (titled H&M for Water) will go toward H&M for WaterAid, which raises money for those in poverty to gain access to safe water.

So there you go, people. You can stare at Beyonce bikini pictures and feel as if you’re being charitable at the same time!