American Idol Power Poll: The Fantastic 5

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Okay, now the competition can begin!

With Lazaro Arbos finally voted off American Idol last night, Season 12 is down to a fitting final five: they are all female and they can all seriously sing.

American Idol Final 5

But who has the best shot at winning it all? We reveal our latest Power Rankings below and then ask readers to vote for their favorite...

5. Janelle Arthur - She's got a great country sound and a sweet personality, but she's short on pizazz. If she wants to stick around, she needs to step it up.

4. Amber Holcomb - While her performance of "Say A Little Prayer For You" was great, "Love On Top" was, well, not the top of Amber's game.

3. Angie Miller - This girl has musicianship, an excellent voice, and great hair. She's marketable like WHOA. If, that is, she can figure out what genre she wants to pursue.

2. Kree Harrison - A total professional, Keith was right when he said her compassion for others comes through in her performances. She's genuine and sings effortlessly.

1. Candice Glover - Her performances of "Don't Make Me Over" and "Love Song" were, just as Randy proclaimed, some of the best in Idol history. This girl could sing the phone book and we would still buy the album.

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