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Michael Jordan‘s wedding to model fiancee Yvette Prieto is set for April 27, according to reports, despite the lawsuit he’s facing from Pamela Smith.

The retired NBA star is being sued by Smith, 48, who says she got pregnant after sleeping with him in 1995 when he was still married to Juanita Vanoy.

The alleged indiscretion – if it even took place – hasn’t hindered his plans to wed his Cuban-American bride, with their nuptials now just weeks away.

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A lavish ceremony is reportedly planned at Jordan’s mansion on Jupiter island, Fla. His neighbor and friend Tiger Woods is expected to attend.


Michael Jordan got engaged to Yvette Prieto, 34, back in December 2011. He has three children by his first wife, Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine.

Does he have a fourth? Pamela Smith says so, and wants His Airness to pay support for for Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, a.k.a. Taj Jordan, 16.

She also wants paternity test to prove MJ is her son’s father; the teenage boy posted a video on Youtube in December claiming Jordan is his dad.

Allegedly, Smith never planned to sue the star and doesn’t need money, but the alleged Michael Jordan love child urged her to file the paperwork.

Taj, whose mother is also asking a judge to make Jordan her son’s official last name, slammed Mike in his video for not being involved in his life.

“I was somebody’s dad, I would want to be in my kid’s life, ya feel me?” he said.

No word if Michael feels him. Jordan has not commented on the allegations.