Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Supreme Court, Protests Gay Marriage

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With gay marriage in the Supreme Court's hands during historic arguments this week, people from all sides of the spectrum have descended upon D.C.

That includes the Westboro Baptist Church.

The anti-gay activists from Kansas are at it again, this time picketing the SCOTUS and facing off with numerous citizens who couldn't disagree with them more.

Journalism student Trey Yingst went down to experience for himself the scene outside the nation's highest court as it debates the issue of gay marriage.

He spoke to both sides, pro- and anti-gay marriage, including the controversial WBC, which recently saw someone buy and paint an "equality house" next door.

"There was a lot of energy because of the many groups on both sides there. You could tell it was an historic moment," he said of the atmosphere in Washington.

"Both sides have very strong opinions and stuck to them, and as someone learning journalism it's great to get two sides of the story and take the viewer on a journey."

If nothing else, the WBC contingent is dedicated. "I got the sense they really believed what they were saying, there was not a lot of compromise," he said.

The main takeaway from the capitol?

Whether you're picketing and claiming God hates America or putting a red equal sign on Facebook as your icon, emotions are running high this week.

Same-sex marriage:

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