TV Analysts Fight, Blood Drawn Between Kendall Gill and Tim Doyle

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A controversial call to close out the Chicago Bulls-Denver Nuggets game this week led to an actual fight between a pair of television analysts.

According to, the altercation took place after Kendall Gill and Tom Doyle disagreed over a goaltending call that cost the Bulls an overtime victory.

Gill image

Gill, a former NBA shooting guard, believed Joakim Noah's tip-in should have counted and Chicago should have won the game.

Doyle saw things differently and any peaceful dispute the two had on air dissolved into fisticuffs once the cameras stopped rolling.

The commentators shoved one another after the show and Gill allegedly hit Doyle in the face before crashing into against a sign in the office and drawing blood.

"We're looking further into the incident that took place in our newsroom earlier today," said CSN Chicago news director Kevin Cross in a statement."Until the investigation is complete, Kendall Gill will not be appearing on our air."

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