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Last night, when The Real Housewives of Atlanta visited L.A., we found out that “Peaches Don’t Grow in Hollywood,” they only visit.

And one housewife pulled out a “whole lot of bitch” with good reason. We recap the late night Fatburgers and pink thongs in our THG +/- review.

They can’t say they weren’t warned. Nene told Cynthia early on, “I got a little splash of crazy and a whole lot of bitch in me. ” Little did she know she’d have to use it on more than just Phaedra and Kenya.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

There weren’t a lot of surprising moments in tonight’s episode but one was enough. Plus 15 because it definitely brought the bitch out of Nene and the recipients deserved every verbal smackdown Ms. Leakes delivered.


When NeNe invited the ladies out to L.A. for a visit, she was no fool.  She didn’t have these crazy women staying in her own home. She spent good money renting a lovely home to put them up in. Plus 20. Smart girl.

But there was a down side. It’s even harder to control this group when they aren’t under the same roof.

Porsha said they can all come together when called upon to do so. She didn’t say they could come together on time. Minus 10.

So when NeNe planned a special dinner party at 9pm to introduce the ladies to some of her L.A. friends, she expected them there at 9…or maybe 10. How about 11pm?  Nope.

The group arrives at her doorstep at a quarter to midnight with smiles on their faces and weak apologies on their lips.  Seriously? Minus 25.

Well, Ms. NeNe was having none of it. Plus 33. She had other guests and caterers there and these women were just plain rude. This ain’t no club. You can all just exit to the left.

Cynthia, Phaedra, and Porsha looked ready to slink away but Kenya kept trying to keep it light and joke it off.  Group hug? No, bitch. Nice try. Exit to the left, please.

And Kandi was just cranky because she was so damned hungry.  

Greg, who is just too nice, sent out a cheese platter to hold them over while NeNe wished them goodnight and sent them packing. I don’t blame her one bit.

Thankfully there was a Fatburger open on the way home. Plus 12.

The next morning Kenya tried to get the ladies on track and got up to make them all breakfast.  Plus 10. It looked damned good.

Afterwards they headed over to The Groundling for an Improv class which only increased the friction between Kenya, Phaedra, and Porsha. But the funniest moment was when NeNe was the one who was late.

During the tour of the back lot of NeNe’s TV show, The New Normal we got a sneak peak of her trailer and her bright pink thong. Minus 8.

Then it was off to a nice dinner…or at least that was the intention.  

Did Porsha bring up the exercise videos because she wanted to cause trouble or because there’s air between her ears? Minus 11.

And how many times can we bring up Walter and how wonderful they all think he is?  I’m not the biggest Kenya fan but she had a right to be upset. Minus 15. They were definitely pressing her buttons.

Of course telling NeNe she was going to punch Phaedra in the face was a typical Kenya overreaction. Some things don’t change.

Check back next week as what happens in Vegas can only be worse.