The Bachelor Women Tell All Preview: All About Tierra!

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Whether you're Team Catherine or Team Lindsay, and whether you read The Bachelor spoilers or you don't, we can all agree on the following point:

Tierra LiCausi is insane.

The Bachelor firebrand returns next Monday night for The Women Tell All Special, the annual pre-finale cat-fight-fest that will no doubt be all about her.

The special episode, which reunites all of the women that competed for Sean Lowe's heart, is mostly filler and largely uninteresting ... but maybe not this year.

After all, Tierra, who is now engaged to another man, is a total wildcard, and not just because she can't control her infamous eyebrow (see clip above).

"It's my facial expression! Just like when you talk, you don't know what you look like when you talk," she reportedly says. "Who cares about my eyebrow?"

"Who cares? That thing has its own Twitter!"

Of course, the collective beef with Tierra extends beyond that thing. AshLee Frazier and the others will no doubt have a lot to say about Tierra's attitude.

Will we learn who Tierra LiCausi is engaged to? Will she even still be engaged by the time this episode airs? And will the women physically come to blows?

We'll find out Monday night. For now, tell us:

Who do you want to win The Bachelor?

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