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This week on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer made things right with Jeremy Calvert, while Jenelle Evans tried out some shiny new toys and much more.

Read all about it in THG’s official Teen Mom 2 recap!

The troubled Jenelle Evans goes under the knife and gets some lovely fake boobs, while parting ways with that boob Kieffer Delp, again. Wash.

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It didn’t go smoothly. The breakup part at least.

Babs worries that Kieffer might try to steal Jenelle’s pain meds to use or steal. Always a sign that your boyfriend is an upstanding character! Minus 50.


Kieffer Delp has been staying at her house, and was actually a source of support during the whole boob thing, until Gary Head reached out to her.

When a dozen roses with a “get well” card came to the door, which does not sit well with Kieffer, who BLOWS UP at his recovering girlfriend over it.

Jenelle Evans kicks Kieffer’s deadbeat ass out the door, and finishes recovering at her mom’s house – where she sees Jace for a change. Plus 40.

Gary Head comes over to visit, and sure enough, they talk about getting back together! He’s hesitant, sure, but those boobs … he’s gotta be a fan!

Minus 50 for the fact that she can’t stay single.

After Leah Messer finally realized Corey Simms wasn’t as into getting back together as she was, she turned to Jeremy Calvert and sought to mend fences.

Why this was even an issue, we have no idea. We also have no idea how she feels the polar opposite of how she did DAYS ago. But all’s well that ends well?

Plus 40 Leah.

Jeremy Calvert, for his part, was “lonely as hell” without Leah and generally appears way too good to have to put up with what she just pulled.

Hopefully he won’t have to for much longer, but Plus 20 for being a good sport and a good guy, and Plus 10 more now that the RING IS BACK ON!

Even though Leah is okay taking it slow, Jeremy wants to get married sooner rather than later. Let the beach wedding planning begin! Plus 30.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin decide to move in together, but that if they do, he needs to chip in financially. Which should be obvious, but sadly isn’t.

Given the rest of the guys on this show? Probably good to lay down the law. Plus 20 for her doing so and Javi seems like an upstanding fella.

Soon enough they’re playing house and talking about taking things a step further – marriage! She’s got the wedding fever … and there may be no cure.

Plus 20 for finding a good one, at least.

Chelsea Houska’s mom has agreed to take her in. That’s the good news. The bad news is that she was used to being on her own and sees this as regressing.

She’s also falling behind on beauty school because of drama with Adam Lind, but somehow, earns a 90 percent score! Plus 30, girl, you earned it.

Minus 60 for even thinking about Adam, though.

As she goes looking for a new place to live, she realizes she doesn’t like South Dakota much at all, and that she wants to move somewhere. Anywhere.

Randy Houska, good luck to you with this one.