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Shiri Appleby is the latest star of a celebrity nude pic “leak” scandal.

It’s unclear how the photo of the 34-year-old Girls actress got out.

The Internet, by and large, hasn’t cared a whole lot, regardless.

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Maybe online oglers and gossip sites alike are just numb to it all at this point? Or we’re just so accustomed to these “leaks” being staged as low-grade PR stunts?

Who knows. But in any event, it hasn’t gotten all that much press considering that we’re talking about a cute actress nude. Full-frontal selfie style.

You can check it out after the jump and see for your NSFW self:


Some suggest, almost on cue, that the so-called photo “leak” isn’t so much a leak but rather a calculated promotional stunt given the proximity to her Girls stint.

Others say it’s not even her … if it is, it’s not new.

Appleby is currently very pregnant, for whatever that’s worth. Someone has put a baby in that, and given the image above, it’s easy to see why.

If that’s her. Really, who can say at this point.