Octomom: Hacked By Cyber-Assailants!

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The infamous celebrity hackers have claimed a new victim: Octomom.

Guess they're defining "celebrity" pretty loosely as time goes on.

Octomom in Red

The celebrity hackers, who struck this week and last, may be just targeting any individual who is remotely infamous or potentially hateable at this point.

It's certainly not about using the info to steal money in broke Octo's case. Nadya Suleman probably has like no credit. Talk about a bad ID theft target!

Most of those who were hacked have reason to sweat, though.

The personal financial information of a shocking number of stars and government figures has been exposed. Even Michelle Obama was hacked.

Other victims include:

Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, FBI Director Robert Mueller, CIA Director John Brennan, VP Joe Biden, Tiger Woods, Mitt Romney, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

There may be more.

According to reports, the hackers' website - where they've posted a lot of the stolen information and people have even "used" some of it - has a thing for Dexter.

Vigilante justice. Doing away with bad people. That sort of thing.

Maybe they just saw the Octomom porn and were repulsed.

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