Man Fakes Own Kidnapping, Dubbed "Moron" By Police

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Rahmell Pettway, a 36-year old Brooklyn resident, admitted this week to faking his own kidnapping in order to avoid the wrath of his girlfriend.

Police confirm that Pettway was absent from his Bedford-Stuyvesant residence for two weeks and found hog-tied in the street on Thursday, although rolls of duct tape were dangling from his wrists at the time he was discovered.


He told authorities that two men in a minivan abducted him on February 19, covering his eyes, taking him away and dumping him on the street weeks later.

But cops questioned the account and Pettway later confessed that this was all a lie, concocted because he was petrified of facing his girlfriend.

“He’s a total moron,” a law enforcement source told The New York Post. “It was a pathetic attempt to pull the wool [over] her eyes.”

Police add that Pettway has 14 arrests, most for robbery, marijuana and assault.