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Lazaro Arbos did not exactly do The Beatles proud on American Idol last night.

The singer, who has been open about his severe stuttering difficulties, wobbled through the ballad "My Life," with Randy Jackson giving him an honest assessment afterward:

“It was out of tune from beginning to end. Something has definitely happened to you. Where did the vocals go? You are just not hitting it on all cylinders.”


Nicki Minaj agreed that Lazaro’s "confidence" seems to be a mess, while Keith Urban focused on a misguided track selection.

“I learned that song last night: I had chosen a different song but because of some things we had to change it,” told the judges ad crowd in response, clearly tearing up on stage.

Fortunately, like he did earlier this month when Charlie Askew lost it, Ryan Seacrest gave Lazaro a reassuring pat and told him: “Hang in there buddy, wipe those tears off, alright."

We agree. Although it’s unlikely Lazaro will be around past tonight’s elimination.