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Kristen Stewart has reportedly been turning down the advances of Rupert Sanders.

But quite the opposite is the case when it comes to this actress and Patrick Schwarzenenegger, according to the latest issue of Star.

With Robert Pattinson off shooting a new film in Australia, the tabloid claims Stewart was all over Arnold’s 19-year old son at Taylor Lautner’s birthday party last month.

Kristen Stewart Smiles
(AFP via Getty Images)

“She was creeping on Patrick big time,” a witness told Star. “People were saying they should get a room because the energy between them was so hot.”

That does sound hot!

The future of Robsten remains in the air, as sources confirm the couple is together – but Robert is having trouble fully trusting Kristen. It’s hard to blame him, isn’t it?

And now it looks like Stewart is at least lining up a backup option or two in case her current relationship falls through.