Kris Humphries: Does Leaked Deposition Torpedo His Case Against Kim Kardashian?

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A deposition surfaced this week in the Kim Kardashian divorce case that appears at first glance to be bad news for her ... but may actually hurt Kris Humphries more.

In court documents, a producer of Kim's reality show admits that he re-shot her reaction to Kris' marriage proposal, her discussing their split and other scenes.

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Kris, who has been angling for an annulment on grounds of fraud (rather than simply divorcing Kim) since 2011, reportedly feels "vindicated" by this confession.

A strange sentiment, since it may actually derail his case.

Initial reports regarding the leaked deposition claimed it was proof that she saw the proposal you saw on TV coming. This is true, but not the whole story.

The producer says that Kim was "completely surprised" and "didn't give a good reaction" to Kris' proposal, so she asked that it be re-shot for the show.

Shocking, we know. Keeping Up is scripted and staged.

Their marriage was a sham in the sense of values, for sure. Everything she does is micro-managed. But in terms of an actual conspiracy against Kris?

From a legal standpoint, all this does is HURT Kris' big argument, as he is alleging that she fraudulently induced him to marry her for her own gain.

That was a pretty big stretch anyway, but this deposition confirms that Kris proposed and she was - gasp - surprised! As in she didn't see it coming!

Hard to argue that someone defrauded you if you propose and they say yes, even if they re-shoot it for TV. Kris also knew, obviously, that they re-shot it.

As far as re-shooting and/or misleading edits of scenes after the couple split up ... they had split up by then and he agreed to be on a show that has editors.

In short, it's either irrelevant or it proves nothing.

Kris Humphries may need to throw in the towel ... or should he? Do you think he has any kind of case for Kim defrauding him? Choose your side below:

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