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Jenelle Evans is speaking out for the first time about her (latest) split from Gary Head, which occurred right around the (latest) time she got out of rehab.

Gary, who was by her side this winter during her epic breakup with Courtland Rogers, looked like a doting boyfriend on this week’s Teen Mom 2 as well.

Of course, we know they broke up back then, as well as just a few weeks ago. As such, Jenelle has taken to Twitter to explain why the duo called it off.

“Cannot wait until next weeks episode to see that dude’s TRUE COLORS,” Jenelle wrote on March 26, just a day after the latest Teen Mom 2 installment.


Those events took place a long time ago, though. What about the most recent breakup, after she dumped Courtland and briefly got back together with Gary?

“I left him when I went to rehab becuz he was using my car to pick up b****es in and wanted ME to send HIM money,” says the reality star and absentee mom.

Gary also tried to get back together with his ex Jade Dolph, but Jenelle Evans insists that she wasn’t “played” this time and that’s not why they broke up.

“Like I said sit and watch,” the MTV star teased.

In any case, sounds like it’s over for good … or at least until the next time she has a tough breakup with someone and Gary rushes in to comfort her.

In the meantime, here’s hoping rehab takes.

Can Jenelle get/stay clean?