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A newly-revealed 911 call sheds new light on the fight between U.S. soccer star Hope Solo and then-fiance Jerramy Stevens on the night before their wedding.

The November 13 melee resulted in the arrest of former NFL player Stevens, but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence after the fact.

Shortly after his release from jail, the couple married.

They had been dating only two months at the time.

Hope Solo 911 Call

The Hope Solo 911 call was placed by Marcus Solo, her brother. He asked that officers respond to her home, where a pre-wedding party took a violent turn.


"There was a little fight inside the house and she got thrown to the ground and she might have dislocated her hip," he says, not referring to Hope Solo.

Asked if any weapons were used, Marcus Solo said: "A stun gun, actually."

He adds that many of the people in the home had been drinking alcohol.

Marcus Solo, however, never identifies Hope or Stevens as the aggressor.

Pressed on who started it, he said "We won’t go there. Please get here."

Police have previously said that it was Marcus Solo himself who used a stun gun to fight off a group of men who had not been invited to the party.

When cops arrived, Hope Solo was said to have been left nursing a cut elbow following the altercation. Others in the home suffered minor injuries.

Stevens was found hiding in a bedroom by police, lying between a bed and the wall. He claimed to have been sleeping and unaware of the fight.

The dried blood on his shirt suggests otherwise, however.

Stevens was arrested for domestic violence assault after admitting he had fought with Solo, but the charges against him were later dismissed.

An officer reported: "He and his fiancee Hope had an argument about whether they would be living in Florida or Washington after their marriage."

Hours later, Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens were married.

The rest, as they say, is history.