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Take solace, bed wetters around the world: You are not alone.

In fact, you have something in common with a music and fashion mogul.

During an appearance on Ellen this week – to promote the company AQUAhydrate that he has started with Mark Wahlberg – Diddy made a very personal confession.

Diddy on Ellen

"I used to be a bed wetter," Diddy said. "So I went on this quest to stop wetting the bed and the first day that I had a sleep over and I didn’t wet the bed it was like one of the greatest days of my life. 

"It gave me the swagger that I have today because I stopped wetting the bed. And there is something about sugar that makes you wet the bed. So to all you boys and girls out there… I’m telling you to drink water, okay? It will stop you from wetting the bed and you won’t be embarrassed in front of the girls at sleepovers."

You’ll also get to see Jennifer Lopez nude someday. How’s that for anti-bed wetting inspiration?