Dad Hacks Donkey Kong So Daughter Can Play as Princess, Save Mario

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Remember Donkey Kong? The classic video game in which Mario leaps over barrels, climbs scaffolding and traverses elevators to save the Princess?

Mike Mika hacked it after a request from his daughter Ellis to switch up the gender roles. The youngster wanted to be Princess Pauline and rescue Mario.

The little tyke got the idea from Super Mario Bros. 2, another classic NES game and one that actually allows you to play as Princess Toadstool.

She really liked playing as a girl character, and was therefore bummed she could not also suit up to battle Donkey Kong as anyone other than Mario.

Or could she? Mike, fortunately, makes games for a living, so ...

"I make games for a living, so I realized I should be able to solve this problem," the chief creative officer at Other Ocean Interactive told NBC News.

Having worked on staples like Super Street Fighter and Rock Band, he knows his stuff, so he did some research and collaborated with friends.

Soon enough, he hacked the 2010 version of NES "Donkey Kong" ROM and created "Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition!" Check out the video above.

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