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Nobody wants to pay for a Casey Anthony interview, but one man will pay her to never, ever do one. James Schober is offering $10K to buy her silence.

For the rest of her life.

According to new court documents filed in Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy case, she is almost $800K in the hole and has less than $1K to her name.

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This is because no matter how much our country loves gossip and notorious figures, no one is willing to go there with Casey. Except James Schober.


He’s offering a relatively modest ten grand for the exclusive rights to Casey’s life story, but not to make it into a book or a movie or anything like that.

The man claims he wants to own the rights solely so he can “prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future.”

He’s just a random guy with no ties to Anthony or her family.

The trustee handling her bankruptcy case has been tasked with identifying anything that can be used to pay off the money Casey Anthony owes.

That’s how this was revealed, and while there’s no way a judge will agree to the offer, it’s still pretty great. If only they could force her to accept.

Time will tell if she ever gets a better offer …