AshLee Frazier Calls Out Sean Lowe on The Bachelor: Did He Really Say That?!

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One week after her stunning and controversial departure, AshLee Frazier called out Sean Lowe Monday on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special.

She thought she had this thing locked up, and not just because she was admittedly in love with Sean. It was a comment he made about her competition.

Allegedly, Sean said he had no feelings for Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter - a quote he denied in the most surprising, awkward exchange of the night:

We didn't expect a warm and fuzzy reunion after he took Catherine and Lindsay to the finale over her, but we weren't prepared for that bombshell, either.

Whomever he gives the final rose to next week (see The Bachelor spoilers if you dare) will come as a shock to AshLee, who accused Sean of lying.

Before that terse back-and-forth, she just wanted answers.

Clearly still stinging from her rejection on the previous week's episode, the gorgeous 32-year-old Texan asked Sean the obvious, lingering question: WHY!?

His response? She's a great girl but basically no fun.

AshLee Frazier certainly comes off more serious than Lindsay or Catherine, but she didn't take kindly to the assertion that she isn't best friend material.

Or the fact that he led her on, which he argues he did not.

Whatever Sean said, or did not say, this will go down as one of the most bitter breakups in franchise history, and ends any shot of her being The Bachelorette.

That honor will likely fall to Desiree Hartsock or the runner-up on next week's finale, which promises to be both polarizing and emotional to say the least.

Speaking of, who do you think it'll be? Did Sean already blow it?

Vote in our three polls below and hit the comments, too:

Did Sean make the right decision letting AshLee go?

Her behavior since leaving the show: Right or wrong?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor now?

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