Women Hid Boy for 8 Years, Convicted of Kidnapping

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Two women in East Texas have been convicted of kidnapping after a jury agreed they abducted a boy when he was eight months old and help him for eight years.

Krystle Tanner Mug Shot

Gloria Walker faces life in prison, while daughter Krystle Tanner could spend 20 years behind bars, because they grabbed Miguel Morin in 2004, although both women testified the child's mother actually sold the baby to them at the time.

But prosecutors convinced jury members that Tanner and Walked hid Miguel from authorities over the last eight years, while also denying him basic medical care and keeping him out of school.

Tanner babysat Miguel and snatched him from his Houston apartment prior to his first birthday. She and her mother then renamed him Jaquan.

"If Ms. Walker and Ms. Tanner had a right to little Miguel, why wasn't he in school?" San Augustine County District Attorney Kevin Dutton argued, countering the defendents' claims.

"Why didn't you get the rest of his immunizations? Why didn't you take him to the dentist? They knew they didn't have that right. They knew they couldn't put that baby out in the public eye."

Walker told the jury she was suffering from health problems and had little contact with the boy, but Tanner contradicted this testimony and said Walker lived with the child for extended periods of time.

Miguel has been informed of the true identity of his parents and siblings and has been having weekly joint therapy sessions with the family since he was found.