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After Monday’s hometown date heartbreak, The Bachelor returned for a special Tuesday edition this week. The episode was billed as Sean Tells All, and that he did!

Sort of.

While there were no earth-shattering bombshells, Sean Lowe did extrapolate on some of the season’s drama and offer fans a preview of what’s to come.

Read The Bachelor spoilers to learn what (supposedly) happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG’s +/- recap of the Sean Tells All special

Sean had a lot to discuss to kill time with Chris Harrison, and not just about the hometown dates we saw play out (for better or worse) 24 hours earlier.

Obviously, this episode was designed mostly to relive Tierra.

Oh, Tierra.


“When I watch it back, I’m like, ‘Man I was such a fool,’ because I really do feel like I was duped,” Sean admits. Yeah. We sort of feel for him. Plus 20.

“Oh man. My take is Tierra never should have come on the show. She’s not suited for this show. She doesn’t know how to handle herself in this environment.”

“Had I caught wind of everything that the girl did earlier, I wouldn’t have kept her on. In hindsight, I wish I would have kept Jackie on the 2-on-1.”

“I hope that she’s learned from this, but she’s a woman who simply can’t get along with her peers.” He’s just saying what we already know, but Plus 10.

Fortunately for Tierra and unfortunately for Sean, Des’ outspoken brother Nate emerged as another “villain” just this week. Sean’s take on that guy?

“Des had told me that her brother had gotten into some trouble as a youth and he’s kind of straightened himself out, but he’s still a little wild at heart.”

“She definitely didn’t prepare me for [this]. At first I even thought maybe he’s joking, but after 30 seconds of him ranting, I realized he’s not joking.”

“I really wanted to hit him. I really did, because I can’t think of a bigger insult to hurl towards me because that’s not who I am at all,” Sean reveals.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m the absolute furthest thing from a playboy. Attacking my character is the quickest way to get me heated.”

“But I didn’t want to make this a bigger ordeal than it already was. So it took everything in me just to basically control my emotion.” Plus 10.

“I chalk it up to him being a jackass,” The Bachelor adds. Plus 10.

Apparently Sean and Nate had a perfectly pleasant conversation earlier in the evening, and it wasn’t until much later that he went off. Minus 20.

Was Des’ brother’s behavior the reason Sean sent her home? “I think I would be lying to myself if I didn’t say her brother influenced me a little bit.”

“I’m not sure I want this guy as my brother-in-law,” he admits, however, “there were other areas in my relationship with Des that were lacking.”

Chris awkward tries to ask the so-called virgin Bachelor if he ever got it in on the show. Sean declines to answer. We feel uncomfortable, but Plus 10.

Other observations from the man, the myth, the six-pack legend:

On Sarah: Great girl, but they just lacked passion together.

On Selma: He didn’t know she couldn’t kiss him until halfway through their first one-on-one … by the time they did, he knew she wasn’t going to win this.

On Lesley M.: Sean admits that if Lesley had opened up about her feelings more, his decision to let her go before hometowns may have been different. Minus 30.

On Catherine: She sent Sean nerd notes. He likes her. And is mysteriously not talking about any of the other finalists. Possible giveaway there? Minus 30.


Who do you think Sean should pick on The Bachelor?