The Bachelor Recap: Don't Lose That Sparkle, Tierra!!

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After a handful of tense, drama-filled weeks, it's go time on The Bachelor.

Sean Lowe is at the stage where decisions are difficult. Nay, impossible.

With six women remaining and only four hometown dates, two women he genuinely likes had to pack their bags. Was crazy Tierra LiCausi one of them?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn what happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of last night's episode ...

Sean and Tierra

Tierra decides it's better to sleep on a cot than share a bed with any other girl. Way to take a stand for something you feel so passionately about. Minus 30.

The first date goes to AshLee Frazier, who was whisked off for some romantic beach time on St. Croix. Cue gratuitous bikini shots. Cue Plus 20 points.

AshLee took it upon herself to warn Sean about Tierra's insanity, which was a risky and kind of shady move, but Sean seemed to appreciate her honesty.

She's also 100 percent correct, so Plus 10.

She then admitted that she's divorced, having gotten married during her junior year of high school. While surprised, our man was not turned off by this. Plus 10.

At the end of their date, she threw her hands up and yelled, "I love Sean!" Minus 50 because this was so cheesy that we were almost embarrassed for her.

If we didn't like her a lot it would've been worse.

Next one-on-one date goes to ... Tierra! Minus 50 for complaining right away that they were just exploring the town and not going on some huge getaway.

Look at her, she's got so much energy! She's so fun! Sean does seem like the type who's looking for that goofy side ... could be AshLee's undoing.

Sean asked Tierra what the situation at the house is like. She mostly brushed it off and said she's falling in love with him, which got him all excited.

Maybe it doesn't matter if the bubbly Tierra is really mean to the other girls, Sean Lowe opines ... dude, you've gotta be kidding us with this stuff. Minus 40.

Desiree, Catherine and Lindsay went on a group date, which started at 4 a.m. with Sean waking them up to watch the sunrise. Pretty cool group date. Plus 20.

The four went to a part of the island that is the most eastern part of the U.S. territory, which meant they were the first four people to see the sunrise.

In all of AMERICA. The Bachelor. Making HISTORY. Plus 10.

Road tripping all over the island, Des took charge, leading Catherine and Lindsay to muse that they were both on an awkward date with Sean and Des. Plus 20.

But the rose went to ... Lindsay! Who knew? Plus 20.

It was an interesting move, because of all the women left, Lindsay seems like she's revealed the least and may be trying too hard to be the perfect choice.

Lesley Murphy got the next one-on-one date, and it was laid-back to say the least. Like the kind of "date" you go on with your kid sister or a friend.

Sean was hoping to get more from Lesley emotionally, and she thought she was doing that, but couldn't get herself to say she was falling for him.

Minus 40 for effectively sealing her own fate.

She did talk at length about wanting to bring him home to see her family and visit her lake house, but the spark just isn't there. It's like they're just friends.

Sean's sister Shay paid a visit. She seems nice, and it made for a change of pace from Sean reciting the same talking points to Chris Harrison. Plus 20.

Back at the house, Tierra confronts AshLee about throwing her under the bus to Sean, and the train wreck has begun. Minus 30 for being so unhinged.

Among the many Tierra LiCausi gems:

  • She's not here to make friends with girls who are dating her boyfriend (?!).
  • Her parents says she's got that "sparkle."
  • She can't control her eyebrows.
  • She's above all of you.

Good to know, Tierra. Good to know.

No points, because the entertainment value and awfulness kind of cancel out, and because Sean cut her loose minutes later. Better late than never.

Sean informed her that he was going to have her meet his sister, but given that she's obviously unable to handle all this emotionally ... it's best if she leaves.

Like now. Plus 100.

In the end, Sean listened to his sister's advice - don't keep the girl that nobody likes. If only Ben Flajnik saw the warning signs with Courtney Robertson. Minus 20.

Sean let the other women know Tierra left, and that he was canceling the cocktail party as he now realized who he wanted to go on hometowns with.

Lindsay. Catherine. Desiree. It came down to AshLee and Lesley M. for that final rose, and Sean, predictably, decided to give the final rose to AshLee. Plus 30.

No lake house trip for Les though. We feel for you girl.


Who do you want to win The Bachelor?

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