Sean Lowe: AshLee Frazier Elimination "Agonizing" on The Bachelor (But No Regrets)

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Sean Lowe admits he was pretty broken up about eliminating AshLee Frazier on The Bachelor Monday, but at the same time, has no regrets about the decision.

Writes the reality star in his weekly blog for People:

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"AshLee was a frontrunner from the very first night. She seemed to have everything that I was looking for, and I think she was the best for me on paper.

"However, I was definitely aware that I didn't seem to laugh as much with AshLee as I did with Lindsay and Catherine. AshLee was always very intense."

"I had to decide if I could be with someone who didn't share my sense of humor. I've said from the very beginning that I was looking for my best friend."

"Being with [finalists Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter] seemed like they could be that. I didn't have the same feeling when I was with AshLee."

"Of course, she brought me so much joy and I could picture her being my loving wife and a fantastic mother to our children, but I knew I needed more."

"I want to create a home full of laughter and to share my life with someone who is adventurous. And as much as I wanted that to be AshLee, I knew it wasn't."

"Watching AshLee's video blog was agonizing because I knew she had given her whole heart to me and I was about to break it. I absolutely dreaded the rose ceremony."

"I did not want to blindside AshLee ... After taking a deep breath and handing the last rose to Catherine, I was really upset to see AshLee's reaction."

"Not because it made it more difficult for me, but because I knew she wouldn't have closure if she didn't allow me the chance to explain myself."

"All I wanted to do was console her and give her closure and talk it out. But I could tell that she wanted to leave my side as quickly as she could."

"Who was I to try and stop her? It was just agonizing."

We have no doubt, given Sean's sincerity as a human being, that it was. Still, we feel bad for AshLee, as we're sure he does as well. How can you not.

That being said, did he make the right decision? Did she handle it the right way? And who should win now (see The Bachelor spoilers if you dare)?

Tell us in the comments and by casting your votes ...

Did Sean make the right decision eliminating her?

Ash's reaction to getting sent home: Right or wrong?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor now?

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