Robert Roberts to People: I Thought I Was Dying

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Robert Roberts is on her way back to Good Morning America. She will resume part-time anchoring duties on February 20.

But the reporter understands how lucky she is to be alive, let alone making a return to television this month, as she tells the latest issue of People of her September bone marrow transplant:

There was a period where "I felt like I was dying."

Robin Roberts Recovery

"I couldn't eat or drink," Roberts says of the days following the complicated procedure. "I couldn’t even get out of bed... "I was in a coma-like state. I truly felt I was slipping away."

Fast forward five months, however, and Roberts tells the publication she feels "stronger each day."

It's been an incredible, inspiring journey for Robin Roberts and you can read more about her struggles and her recovery in this week's People, on newsstands Friday.


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