Presidents Day Face-Off: Lincoln vs. Washington!

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Happy Presidents Day! True American heroes don't come any truer than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two giants of history honored today.

The very first President of the United States, Washington led the rebellion over Great Britain, then helped oversee the birth of this great nation's constitution.

Four score and seven years later, Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, steadfastly vying to preserve the union his predecessors fought so valiantly for.

Long story short? Both were the best of their time, and remain legends today. Ranking their achievements and indelible marks is close to impossible.

But who's your favorite of the two? Vote below!

And the Winner is?

They were both A-plus chief executives, but which U.S. President do you love more, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? That's what we wanna know! View Poll ยป

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