Mom-Son Drug Kiss Lands BOTH Behind Bars

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A French kiss between a mom and her jailed son - in which drugs were exchanged - landed her behind bars with him, according to New York State police.

Kimberly Margeson, 54, is alleged to have given William Partridge, 30, two Oxycodone painkiller pills when they locked lips during a visit on Tuesday.

Weirdest. Conjugal. Visit. Ever.

Mother-Son Mug Shots

It is not known whether mother and son used tongues to facilitate the drug kiss exchange, police say. No word if they plan to launch a probe into that.

A Yates County Sheriff's Department report said Margeson put the pills into her own mouth before visiting the jail. Cue the gross mom-son drug kiss.

"She then passed two pills from her mouth to her son's mouth," the report said.

The drugs transferred via first base were reportedly an opioid narcotic pain reliever similar to morphine, and were for William Partridge's own use.

Margeson, from Penn Yan, N.Y., was arrested and charged with a felony drug count and a misdemeanor count of promoting prison contraband.

She pleaded not guilty and was released on a $2,000 bail.

Partridge, who remains behind bars for an alleged previous weapons offense, was charged promoting prison contraband, a misdemeanor.

Both mother and son were charged with stooping to a new low. No word if he was allowed to actually take the drugs. We're guessing not.