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Mindy McCready shot and killed her dog as well as herself, officials investigating the star’s tragic (but not entirely shocking) suicide in Arkansas said.

For McCready, the downward spiral she was on had reached a point where killing a dog, or even herself, marked the end of a long and troubled road.

The singer’s final weeks were a haze of addiction, depression and despair, according to new reports following her the country star’s death Sunday.

Police found Mindy McCready dead (with her dog) on her home’s porch, in the exact spot where her 34-year-old boyfriend was found dead January 13.


David Wilson’s death, also from a gunshot would to the head, is still being investigated by local authorities; McCready claimed she had no part in it.

They have a 10-month-old son, Zane.

Strangely, the dog was involved, indirectly, in Wilson’s death as well. McCready said the bullet that ended Wilson’s life was found “in the dog’s mouth.”

“I didn’t find [the bullet], the dog did, I mean, that’s a horrific thing to say, but it was in the dog’s mouth,” she said in an interview with NBC’s Today.

“I just keep telling myself that the more suffering that I go through, the greater character I’ll have,” she told the show following Wilson’s death.

“He didn’t just touch my heart. He touched my soul … he was my soulmate.”

Apparently whatever happened impacted the already troubled star greatly.

In the 36 days between Wilson’s death and hers, the despondent singer was ordered into a treatment facility for mental health and alcohol abuse issues.

Her father Tim gave a statement to the court detailing his daughter’s substance abuse struggled in an effort to have her children removed from her care.

McCready has a six-year-old son as well, with Billy McKnight, who said this morning that his ex’s death, while tragic, did not really come as a shock.

Tim told the court Mindy had stayed in bed for three weeks after Wilson’s death, sleeping all day and mixing alcohol and prescription pills in the evening.

He added she was “not bathing or even helping take care of her 2 children.”

McCready entered the treatment facility for mental health and alcohol abuse issues February 6, then left on February 8 for an outpatient treatment center.

McCready’s pal Shane Tallant told CBS the singer’s suicide was the end she chose for herself, and likely stemmed from her issues with Wilson.

Her death “obviously speaks on the pain that she was feeling, that, for whatever reason, she chose to go to the same location and do the same thing he did.”

Her alleged former lover Roger Clemens also issued a statement today, calling the event “sad” and offering kind words for the singer, who was 37.