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Just days after undergoing surgery on torn ligaments suffered in a massive crash, Lindsey Vonn shared a photo online showing her mangled, swollen knee.

That does not look like it feels good.

Lindsey Vonn took a dramatic spill while competing in the Alpine Ski World Championships on the slopes in Austria and had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Lindsey Vonn at 2018 Oscars
(Getty Images)

The fall left the Olympic champion and girlfriend of Tiger Woods with two torn ACL and MCL ligaments and a broken bone … absolutely brutal.


On Sunday, Vonn had undergone an operation, which she proclaimed a success on Facebook; she’s home in Vail, Colorado, beginning her recovery.

The Lindsey Vonn leg photo, posted Friday, depicts her disfigured, yellowish right leg covered in purple bruises and bandages after the surgery.

Her left leg, which was not seriously injured, also looks banged up.  

Lindsey Vonn‘s caption: “My knee looks… um… not very good…”

Proving that she has not lost her sense of humor along with her ligaments, Vonn added a pair of hashtags, #longskirtsthissummer and #ugh.

She also hasn’t lost her work ethic. The 28-year-old later put up another, less graphic image, promoting her sponsor, energy drink Red Bull.

The photo shows the athlete doing rehabilitation exercises next to bottles of Red Bull with the caption: “Not letting obstacles stand in your way.”