Melissa Gorga vs. Teresa Giudice: It's Going Nuclear!

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Teresa Giudice may give it to her husband every night, but a new report claims this reality star is set to give it to Melissa Gorga.

In a very different way.

Melissa Gorga Red Carpet Photograph
Teresa Giudice in a Low Cut

The feud between these Real Housewives is set to go "nuclear," according to Radar Online, which quotes a show insider as saying:

“Teresa is stirring up sh-t behind the scenes,” the source alles. “It seems like Teresa is scheming to humiliate Melissa now. She was part of the whole ‘Melissa is a stripper’ story and the same people who were behind that story are now ramping up their attacks against Melissa.”

How so?

The mole claims some dude named Bryan "Bulldog" will ply a role on Season 5 of this Bravo hit. An ex-boyfriend of Gorga's, he'll allegedly drop some major bombshell on the brunette.

Giudice is "trying to find people from Melissa's past that are willing to lie and give dirt" on Gorga, the source adds, concluding:

“It’s getting out of control and is borderline stalking."

In other words: great television.

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