Lindsay Lohan: Partying Too Hard to Sit For Deposition

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Lindsay Lohan's schedule is too packed with jet-setting and partying to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit, according to the photographer who's suing her.

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Grigor Balyan sued Lindsay and her assistant last year, claiming the assistant crashed into him in 2010 outside an L.A. nightclub while driving Miss Crazy.

Lindsay was riding shotgun and wasn't injured, but the celebrity news photographer says he ended up in the hospital - and wants Lohan to pay for it.

Balyan says his attorney has been trying in vain to get Lindsay to sit for a deposition, but she says she's too busy ... a claim which really pisses them off.

After all, besides making terrible movies on occasion, Lindsay Lohan photos prove she's "busy" partying around the world or dragging her ass to court.

Balyan also claims LiLo said she couldn't come to L.A. last week for the deposition, yet as we know, she flew all the way from NYC for her probation hearing.

Balyan is asking a judge to ORDER Lindsay to sit for a deposition regarding this case ASAP, and also wants her to pay $4,842.43 for his lawyer fees.

Just add it to the list ...


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