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It was The Hunger Games in Hollywood last night, as Keith Urban put it, with Season 12 heading to Tinsel Town and placing the men center stage.

Yes, in a change from past years, only males will be featured this week, as we witnessed a handful of quick Sudden Death rounds last night, followed by some painful group songs.

It was fast, it was furious – and Lazaro Arbos at least made it painless when he took the mic. Watch this 21-year old ice cream scooper from Naples make Nicki fall for him with a version of "Angels."

Lazaro Arbos -

Among other highlights from the first night in Hollywood:

  • Frankie Ford complained a lot; about song choice, about “asthma issues,” about his fellow singers. It was fun and awkward for viewers.
  • "I swear to God I’m coming back next year and I’m going to win," Ford said upon being sent packing.
  • Charles Allen impressed us with his vocals on “American Boy."
  • The Four Tones (Micah Johnson, Vincent Powell, David Willis, and Marvin Calderon) were likely the best of the bunch, thanks to a soulful take on “Hold on, I’m Comin."

So 43 men remain. They will be whittled down to 20 by the end of this evening. Who do you hope stays and who do you want to see go far, far away?