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Hold onto your hats, ’cause Kate Middleton‘s oft-nude cousin is at it again.

Katrina Darling, burlesque dancer and cousin of the Duchess of Cambridge, leaves little to the imagination in a photo spread for Loaded magazine.

Or ever. Check out two sexy shots of the 22-year-old from the spread …

This isn’t the first time the royal’s relative has flaunted her fabulous figure.

Nor will it be the last. Let’s be honest, this has sort of become her thing.


Just last year, we saw Miss Katrina Darling nude in the pages of Playboy.

“I don’t feel undressed when I’m not wearing clothes,” she tells Loaded.

No really. She’s all good with being naked. “I feel very comfortable.”

The same can’t be said for her cousin’s topless photos, but that’s okay.

She is a princess, after all, and should be entitled to some privacy.

Where (and wearing what) will Katrina turn up next? Stay tuned!