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Like countless other young Americans, Honey Boo Boo has been selling Girl Scout cookies.

To her hundreds of thousands of fans online, and the chagrin of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Honey Boo Boo posted the above ad on her Facebook page, which has 701,000 likes.

Alana Thompson, Boyfriend

She also drew the organization’s ire by posting photos of stacks of boxes she sold. 

HBB is not selling the cookies for herself, it’s worth nothing, but for a friend. Nevertheless, to say didn’t go down well with the organization is an understatement.


A rep for GSUSA in Georgia, where young Alana Thompson lives, tells TMZ they contacted her site’s administrator and explained that this is off-limits.

No good deed – or massive cookie sale – goes unpunished, as they say.

Using Facebook and the like “defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies,” such as teaching the girls about setting goals, working with people, etc.

The sales she’s already WILL count, but if HBB wants to help her BFF from now on, she’s gonna have to set up shop outside Walmart like everyone else.

That or go door to door. Maybe June Shannon or Poodle can drive?

NOTE: It’s unclear what her biggest seller was among the GSC brands. Thin Mints are the best, right? What are your favorite types of Girl Scout Cookies?

NOTE #2: They’re no GSC, but this chocolate chip cookie recipe is dope. Seriously. It’ll hold its own with Samoas and the like any day of the week.