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Homeless Billy Ray Harris recently found a diamond ring in his change cup.

Incredibly, he returned it to the woman who gave it to him by mistake.

Homeless Man Returns Ring

Sarah Darling, who hadn’t meant to be quite that generous, told Kansas City’s KCTV that "my rings were bothering me, so I put them in my coin purse."

Darling didn’t realize what she’d done until the next day, and was emotionally devastated; she returned and asked Harris if he remembered her.


Harris recalled, "She squatted down like you did like right there and says, ‘Do you remember me?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know. I see a lot of faces.’"

He continued, "So she says, ‘I might have given you something very valuable.’ I said, ‘Was it a ring?’ She says, ‘Yeah.’ And I said, ‘Well, I have it.’"

Harris says that no matter what his situation may be or how desperate he is to simply survive, he’s not the type to cash in on someone else’s misfortune:

"My grandfather was a reverend. He raised me from the time I was six months old and thank the Lord, it’s a blessing, but I do still have some character."

Darling recalled, "It seemed like a miracle." Harris did not go empty-handed: He again received money from Darling – all the bills she had in her wallet.