Harlem Shake: #1 on Billboard Charts!

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No, the Harlem Shake video below is not #1 on Billboard, but the track that birthed the meme - Baauer's 2012 release, "Harlem Shake" - actually is.

Some say the Harlem Shake is over already. If so, many people apparently didn't get the memo. More bought it last week than any other song.

What is the Harlem Shake exactly?

Basically, it was/is a dance that dates back to the early days of hip hop, which inspired Baauer's song, which inspired 490,000 videos you've seen online.

As such, pinpointing the "original" Harlem Shake video is a challenge, as several even lay claim to it - the one above, for example, and this one below:

Which came first? Does it even matter?

All we know is what everyone associates with the craze - pelvic thrusting, seizure-like gyrating and a dubstep beat that drops and makes you lose control.

Here's the full song, by Baauer ...

Hopefully now you can consider yourselves up to date. Feel free to kill time with a few more of our favorite Harlem Shake videos for good measure.

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