Carmen Electra: Baywatch Swimsuit Still Fits!

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Yup, she's still got it.

At the age of 40, Carmen Electra has posed for the new issue of In Touch Weekly, proving that 15 years after starring on Baywatch, the actress can still slide into the red one-piece that made her famous.

Electra says she feels better now than she did in her mid 20s, crediting a diet full of "protein and vegetables" for her beach-ready body.

But it takes more than a roasted broccoli recipe to look like this, doesn't it?

Yes, the actress/model says her love of dance has taught her "discipline" when it comes to working out and eating right.

And, yes fellas, she would absolutely pose Playboy again. As for the bathing suit?

"Once I got it on, I felt amazing," she says. "It was a million times better than I thought it would be."

So... Carmen Electra at 40. Would you hit it?

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