Burger King Twitter Hacked: Now With 99% Bath Salts!

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Burger King's Twitter was hacked today. It was hilarious.

In the last half hour, the fast food giant's account on the social network was hijacked, allegedly by "iThug," who instructed people to follow "LiLinternet."

The logo and name were promptly changed to McDonald's and a number of classic Tweets were fired off before the Burger King handle was disabled.

One of the best included BK's latest menu offering ...

BK Tweet

Apparently, Burger King has been sold to McDonald's because the Whopper flopped, and its new Bath Salts Burger features 99% Methylenedioxypyrovalerone.

Mmm. Anyone else craving BK right now? A burger laced with potent psychoactive drugs that may or may not make you eat another person's face?

Even more delish than your bruschetta burger recipe - and probably cheaper.

A few additional screen grabs from the brief period this afternoon when Burger King was compromised and cranking out utter nonsense to the Twitterverse:

BK Tweet 1
BK Tweet 2
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