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Ashley Judd met with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee last week, fueling rumors that the 44-year-old actress may actually run for political office.

The DSCC helps support Democratic candidates running for Senate, and very much wants Judd to run against Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Senate Minority Leader, in 2014.

Judd also dined with prominent Kentucky Democrats in Louisville.

Ashley Judd Elizabeth Warren Video

Local TV station WHAS 11 said she told Rep. John Yarmuth and other VIPs that she is “leaning toward” running for Senate, and may decide by Derby Day, May 6.

Judd has already been hit TWICE in attack ads by McConnell, an amazing feat even in today’s political environment of polarization and non-stop campaigning.


McConnell mocks Judd (and other potential foes), calling her a carpet-bagging radical and “Obama’s Kentucky candidate,” even though the election is 21 months away.

Oh, and she’s not even running yet.

Ashley Judd grew up in Kentucky and graduated from UK, though she lives in Tennessee and L.A. now. Establishing residence in Kentucky again wouldn’t be a problem.

The fact that it’s conservative Kentucky is another story.

A devout Democrat taking on an entrenched, powerful Republican is an uphill battle, however McConnell is not especially popular, even in his home state.

Judd would also be able to raise a ton of money and energize Democrats who might otherwise admit defeat before the race even started; hence the DSCC’s interest.

Either way, it’s a time of transition for the star. Late last month, she and race car driver husband Dario Franchitti announced the end of their 10-year marriage.

Think she should run for U.S. Senate?