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Amanda Bynes has apparently set a personal weight loss goal.

Apparently it’s also an ambitious and borderline unsafe one.

The troubled 26-year-old says that since she moved to New York from Los Angeles last year, she’s dropped four pounds, falling from 125 to 121.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Now the 5’8″ actress says she only has 21 to go!


According to various indexes, a 5’8″ woman should hit a target weight of about 131-161 pounds, meaning she may already be flirting with being too thin.

After another 20 pounds?

Bynes, who was recently evicted from her NYC apartment, is undeterred. She recently took to Instagram to discuss her diet, posting a photo of her legs.

“Losing weight is hard to do!” Amanda Bynes opined, in what was some of the least bizarre behavior she’s shown in months. “I love jeans with sexy holes.”

Don’t we all.

NOTE: If Bynes is determined to hit this goal, allow us to recommend a healthy way to do so. Do not starve yourself, Amanda. Do not binge and purge.

But do try this tomato soup recipe! It’s hearty AND healthy!