Alyson Hannigan Granted Restraining Order Against Online Stalker

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Alyson Hannigan has been granted a restraining order against a mentally unhinged individual who has been threatening her life over the Internet.

TMZ confirms that the American Pie/How I Met Your Mother star alleges John Hobbs has been dangerously harassing her over Facebook, MySpace and the actress' official website.

Alyson Hannigan Picture

In her court documents, Hannigan refers to Hobbs as "mentally unstable" and says heĀ  "was recently discharged from a mental hospital."

In a frightening example of what Hobbs has posted, Hannigan cites the following message:

"Lets see How can I get myself in troble today [sic]. If I go with what I've been acussed of Most of my Life, I suppose I should start with being a rapist, so any nice girls out there want to get raped [sic]?"

A judge will decide on March 6 whether or not to make the restraining order - which Hannigan also got for her husband and children - permanent.

Scary stuff, huh? Life was never this difficult at band camp.

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