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The Real Housewives of Atlanta heats up with the “Battle of the Booty” and honestly I don’t think anyone really wants their to look like a donkey or a horse. We recap all the crazy copycatting in our THG +/- review.

The story of the Stallion versus the Donkey starts off at the International Hair show where I have to say, Ms. Cynthia looks amazing in that killer red dress. Plus 15.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

At least someone looked good because most of the hair we saw looked somewhere between ridiculous to hideous. Minus 9. I can’t imagine how she judged any of it.

Since when have Cynthia and Kenya gotten so buddy buddy?  I knew they weren’t at one another’s throats any longer but does that really mean Cynthia’s giving the former Miss USA shout outs at public events?  Minus 17.  That’s quite the turnaround.

That’s when Kenya tells Cynthia that since Phaedra didn’t want to pay her for that distribution deal, she’ll use it for herself.

And the Stallion Booty is born. Plus 21. I have to agree with NeNe on this one when she says, “I don’t see anyone wanting to walk around with a donkey ass.”

Of course is a horse’s ass really much better?  They’re both about the same, don’t you think? Big and wide.

It doesn’t take long for Kandi to find out and spill to beans to Phaedra. Kandi wants to know if she needs to be worried about her own product line.  Will there be a Kenya Koated Nights in the future?  Some Bedroom Kenya Plus 10.

Before Phaedra confronts Kenya, she makes sure the world hears her side of the story…and it’s not always pretty.

Cynthia’s right, accusing someone of having bi-polar disorder is not cool…although given Kenya’s behavior it wouldn’t surprise me if she might be right.

Phaedra heads off to grab her own producers to get the donkey moving and hires a team that’s worked with Jane Fonda and Madonna.  Plus 8.

She says she’s happy to know her producers “are not going to chug down a liter of vodka, twirl around in a circle, scream obscenities, and run out of the room.”  Don’t forget the Gone With the Wind impersonation.  

The lines are drawn as NeNe takes a moment away from her glam baby Bri’Asia (who really is too darn cute for words, Plus 20), and weighs in on the Kenya/Phaedra feud saying Ms. Parks does a lot of stuff “shady and undercover.”

When Apollo and Phaedra confront Kenya about being a copycatter, Ms. Moore snaps back with “I’ll be copyatting all the way to the bank.”  Plus 11. I have no doubt she’ll try.

We’ll see which creature makes it to a screen near you first.

Episode total = +59!                Season total = -83!