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Part one of his interview with Dr. Phil aired today, with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admitting two important things:

  1. He set up the entire Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax on his own.
  2. He fell in love with Te’o and is a homosexual, but, as a deeply religious man, he hopes to change that.

"It takes a lot of courage to recover from homosexuality and this type of thing and coming back to your real life," Tuiasosopo told the host. "As hard of a task it is, I’m going to do all I can to live right."

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Among other high(low?)lights from the interview…

Why didn’t he reveal the hoax to Te’o when they met November? "It was real awkward at first. I wanted to tell him everything then and there, but soon after some uncles came in and I decided it wasn’t the right time."

Did he love the linebacker? "As twisted and confusing as it may be, I did all that I could to help this person become a better person even though I wasn’t getting nothing out of it…The truth of it is that it happened, I grew feelings, I grew emotions that sooner or later I couldn’t control anymore."

Why did he kill off Lennay Kekua? Te’o told her that he didn’t need her on the day his grandmother died and: "It hurt me. It hit me like a brick wall. I was like, `Whoa, I’ve given so much into this.’ And I realized right then in that moment, that I poured so much into Lennay, that I myself was getting nothing, and look what I was left with."