Lindsay Lohan Trial Set For February 27

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Lindsay Lohan's trial date has been set for February 27. 

The star's alleged lie to cops investigating a car crash last June could send her back to jail, and confusion is running rampant over who represents Lohan.


Lindsay fired lawyer Shawn Holley, who has repped her for years, earlier this week - only to have Holley show up and enter a plea of not guilty for her.

"Do you still represent Ms. Lohan?" Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Jane Godfrey, confused, asked Holley in a hearing Tuesday.

"Yes, at this point, yes," said Holley.

"We've got to get the representation issue nailed down," Godfrey told the attorney "The representation issue will be nailed down," Holley affirmed.

A letter firing Holley came from an attorney in New York. Lohan, who was not required to attend Tuesday's arraignment, must be in court January 30.

At that point, the judge and lawyers will nail down any pretrial motions.

She faces four misdemeanor charges relating to the accident, but the most serious threat to LiLo's freedom is the probation revocation that the arrest triggered.

She could be jailed for up to 245 days for violating her probation for a shoplifting conviction - one of the terms of her probation is simply obeying all laws.

Lohan was put on probation after being convicted in 2011 on charges related to the theft of a necklace. All was well until August 2012, when she crashed her car.

Authorities said not only was she driving recklessly in Santa Monica, she also gave false information to a police officer and then resisted a police officer.

The city attorney filed four misdemeanor charges against her, prompting an L.A. County Superior Court commissioner to revoke Lohan's probation.

In November, she was also charged with an unrelated misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching a fortune teller at a Manhattan nightclub.

Tiffany Mitchell apparently was flirting with LiLo's BF Max George.

In all, Lindsay's downward spiral has seen her bounce in and out of court at least 19 times and to five different rehabilitation facilities since 2007.

Please, sign our White House petition to force her into rehab again.

Then vote in our poll: Will she or will she not go to jail in 2013?


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