Lindsay Lohan Plea Deal: Rejected By Actress!

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Lindsay Lohan is not interested in any plea bargain.

She's innocent, people! Can't you understand that?

According to TMZ, despite the fact that the prosecutor in her car crash case was willing to deal and allow her to avoid jail time, she won't plea bargain, period.

Lohan Freaks Out

The latest chapter in this bizarre saga unfolded last week, when her attorney Shawn Holley was on her way to court to negotiate a deal on her behalf.

Holley was then fired unceremoniously by Lohan.

Prosecutors were apparently willing to let LiLo plead no contest and agree to six months of "lockdown rehab" (read: no jail time), but the star is not interested.

Holley entered a plea of not guilty and a trial date was set for this winter. Whoever reps Lindsay now (tough to keep track) could presumably still take the deal.

Lohan just isn't having it, though.

As usual, the 26-year-old actress doesn't think she did anything wrong and refuses to plead guilty or no contest to a crime she says she didn't commit.

She told cops she was a passenger in the Porsche she crashed when there's overwhelming evidence she was driving, so proving her innocence could be tough.

If Lindsay is found guilty, she could face up to 19 months in jail. That's not including the probation violation she faces, which could subject her to eight months in jail.

There's still a possibility that she will come to her senses before trial, and/or that she will pull a legal rabbit out of her hat and beat the rap once again.

She's skating on rapidly thinning ice, however.

Will Lindsay Lohan do time in '13?


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