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Katt Williams is a wanted man, again. Stop us if you’ve heard this one.

A Sacramento, Calif., judge issued a bench warrant after the comedian didn’t show for his arraignment, stemming from his insane police chase.

The D.A.’s office has charged him with evading a police officer.

While driving in a reckless manner, no less – a felony offense.


Williams, whose criminal history needs no introduction, is accused of leading police on a chase through the streets of Sacramento … on a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Moments after the chase, Katt Williams slapped a Target employee.

It’s the second warrant issued for him in less than a month. In December, a Seattle judge called for Katt’s arrest after he missed court for that crazy bar fight.

There was also his recent arrest with Suge Knight outside Subway.

The man makes law enforcement personnel earn those pensions.