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Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, JWoww is adamant she didn’t suffer a “vile” wardrobe malfunction a la Britney Spears on New Year’s Eve.

She also made it clear that she was wearing underwear while hosting MTV’s NYE special with Snooki, and tries to plead her case with the image below:

No idea what this actually proves, but whatever. It’s a nice visual.

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“To prove [these pictures] wrong, I decided to video my buttocks … because you can’t Photoshop a video,” she says, insisting that she had on “drawers.”


Her NYE dress, obviously, was extremely short and more than celebrity gossip photo agency shot photos of it hiking up a little too high, to her chagrin.

Again, it’s hard to say what JWoww‘s complaint is. She flaunted that butt out there for all to see. Obviously people are going to talk about it and take photos.

And did anyone really criticize it? It’s unclear what she’s even referring to.

“Here’s my butt, like it’s supposed to be the picture … I know it’s not Victoria’s Secret, but it’s mine and it took a lot of donuts and cheeseburgers to get this!”

Well done. We have no idea what her point is, but well done.