Drunk Women Force Landing of Flight in France

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Two reportedly drunk women forced the landing of a British Airways flight in Lyon, France, earlier this week. No, not the two women pictured below.

The Real Housewives of New York City tandem just comes up when you run an image search for drunk women. Kind of says a lot. Anyway, the story:

Ramona Singer on RHONY

Flight BA2664 was headed from London’s Gatwick Airport to Tunis. The flight was diverted due to “the continued disruptive behavior of two female passengers.”

The women were reportedly drinking Malibu rum and swearing at children. Nice.

The gruesome twosome reportedly threatened the family of a British Airways flight attendant, tried to storm the cockpit, hid in the lavatory and tried to smoke.

The Sun (UK) quoted a passenger as saying, “They decided they were going to meet the captain and marched towards the cockpit. It was very frightening.”

It got so bad that the aircraft landed at a separate airport, where they were dealt with.

“Our customers and flying crew deserve a safe and enjoyable flight experience,” an airline spokesperson said. “We do not tolerate any disruptive behavior."

“They were handed over to the custody of the French police and detained in Lyon.”