Hugh Jackman on Flu Shots: Who Needs 'Em!

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Hugh Jackman's Golden Globes acceptance speech last night (for Les Miserables) included an interesting bit of medical advice. The actor addressed flu shots.

After winning Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, Hugh quipped, "Sorry, I’m at the tail end of this flu and I was kicking myself for not getting the flu shot."

"But it appears actually you don’t need one. I feel great!"

In the midst of the worst flu outbreak in years, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention are on a mission to correct his message - whatever that was.

A rep for the CDC said "I don’t know if he really meant that vaccination was not a good thing to do, but each year millions become ill with influenza."

"More than 200,000 people may be hospitalized; and between 3,000 and 49,000 will die."

"The most important step in protecting against the flu is to get a flu vaccine each season."

Get the flu shot in other words, people. It takes like 10 minutes.

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